Reclamation and Restoration, Traditional Styled Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and Floors

Established by Englishman Philip Marr, The Antique Floor Company specialises in the reclamation and restoration of antique European tiled floors taken from bourgeois houses and period buildings around Western Europe. These vintage floors, many from the height of the art nouveau period, include ceramic encaustic productions of exquisite beauty and elegance, often hand-made in individual brass moulds.

We also offer a selection of antique carreaux de ciments tiled floors from the 19th and early 20th century as well as smaller selections of tiles suitable for features like sink splash-back’s, Aga cooker inglenooks or for chimney decoration.

After being carefully lifted, our antique floors, which range in size from 4m2 (c.40 sq ft) to 25m2+ (270 sq ft), are transported to specially equipped workshops in Burgundy, France, close to the vineyards of the Cote de Beaune and the Cotes de Nuits, where they are painstakingly restored. Using a rigorous quality controlled procedure each tile is professionally cleaned of its old lime based mortar and surface dirt. Finally, the fully restored floor arrives complete and ready for you to lay.

The majority of our floors come complete with their original double or triple border tile arrangements intact. Many display a beautifully aged patina but never at the expense of their robustness or colour. Others possess their own individual vibrant character, visible in the relief of the tile and as unique as the worker who made them. Unlike many tiles manufactured by modern technology, antique encaustic tiles were produced using deep clay slip, often to a third of the depth of the tiles, so even after over a century of use, there is no loss of colour.

An antique floor is not only a sound investment that will increase the appeal and value of your home, but it will also attract admiring comments from friends and visitors. Indeed, many of our orders come from acquaintances of clients who have been fascinated by the timeless elegance of these floors.

If you need assistance in calculating if one of our floors is suitable for the area in your home you are looking at, we are happy to help free of charge. Simply send a sketch with key dimensions. We can also provide a computerised graphical service at a reasonable cost to produce your floor layout with a chosen tile so you can see how it will look. See our Services section for more details.

Whether you are looking for a large floor for a principal room or a smaller floor for a bathroom, hallway or a chimney feature, we are sure we can help.