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Floor suitability and general advice

We are happy to provide you FREE advice for any general enquiry. This may for involve, for example, the suitability of the tiles for a room you have in mind, how to lay the tiles, which cements to use, whether a specific tile is suitable for external laying etc.

Simply send a sketch of your room with key dimensions and we will calculate if there are sufficient field and border tiles, what the best layout would be and, if necessary, determine if additional corner pieces may need to be cut.

Computerised graphic layout

If you wanted to see a chosen tile laid out in your designated floor area we can produce a computerised graphic image for you in high resolution quality and to scale. The service is valuable as it not only allows you see the visual impact of the tessellated tile in your chosen floor area but also provides a useful guide map for the floor tiler as to how the floor should be laid.

A quote can be provided for this service and an example of work previously done is shown below.

Stage 1:- Tile selected by customer for computerized graphical generation


Stage 2:- Computerised schematic of floor layout generated from dimensions provided


Stage 3:- Finished laid floor

Octave Collozier Art Nouveau dust - pressed ceramic encaustic tiles c.1900

'Search and find'

The Antique Floor Company are buying, lifting and renovating antique floors on a weekly basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for from our range of products for sale simply set us searching. We can source antique ceramic encaustic tiles, carreaux de ciments, antique terracotta and antique stone paves.

Call us or simply complete the email form below.

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Free Storage

Antique floors can sell quickly and we have had instances where some floors have even sold before they have been transported to us for professional cleaning! Should you wish to purchase a floor but are not ready to receive it we can store if FREE of charge for you in our secure premises.

Packaging and Delivery

Our approach to quality and service extends far beyond the sale of our products. Our excellent packaging and customer service ensures that every sale, regardless of its value, whether distant or local is handled to your absolute satisfaction and we always ship at cost. For UK and European deliveries we pack every floor in an oak or aged pine box crate which ensures that the tiles can be packed standing up thus reducing the risk of their cracking under weight and from being damaged by external side hitting of the pallet. Our floors are sold worldwide and references can be provided from clients in the United States, the United Kingdom and across Europe, all of whom will confirm that we really do believe in ‘going the extra mile’ for our customers.

Unless requested otherwise our deliveries are made with a tailgate vehicle to ensure ease of unloading and placing on your property.

For USA bound purchases we pack in US Port authority approved box crates and provide all Bill of Lading information and delivery schedules for you. We can deliver directly to your zip code or can liaise with your appointed freight forwarders at the appointed Port.

Interest Free Payments by installment

Should you want to commit to purchasing a floor but need a little more time to raise the capital we will be happy to hold a floor in safe storage for you on a deposit basis and are happy to discuss an interest free payment option in installments. Contact us to discuss.