Technical Drawing Service

General help and advice on the fit of a floor

We appreciate that this can be a complex area. Our antique floors are unique and there are a finite number of field, border and corner tiles available. We are happy, free of charge and without obligation, to look at the potential fit of a floor in your chosen area. All we require is a sketch with key dimensions and we can obviously work from architects drawings too. It's something we regularly do for our clients.

A full Technical Drawing Service

We can also produce technical drawings, charged at cost.

These are popular as they have several advantages;

  1. They show you the area with the tiles graphically laid ‘in-situ’, so you can see the aesthetic.
  2. They allow for a count of the tiles required. This can then be checked against the inventory of the floor to ensure there are enough available, accounting also for spares.
  3. They provide the Tiler with a plan for laying the floor; the general layout, centre lines, where to cut, border positioning etc.

To find out more about our floor planning services, simply get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

A completed drawing for a project in Le Touquet, France A completed drawing for a project in Le Touquet, France
Resulting patio lay based on the technical drawing
Our Technical drawings