10m2 antique art nouveau floor with triple borders

An antique art nouveau ceramic encaustic floor with triple borders, totalling 10m2+ (108 sq ft) in surface and dating from the early twentieth century.

The field tiles and large border tiles are in a sage green and cream with vieux rose, burgundy and charcoal also present, offering up a cool palette, easy on the eye. The field and large border tile are 14cm sq (5 ½ inches), with the smaller lattice themed borders, which top and tail the main border, 14cm long x 7cm wide. 

The floor tessellates in a dot-bordered star motif with fluid art nouveau touches and the main field tiles are beautifully framed by the large border tiles and half size borders, laid in duplicate. The tiles have been cleaned of their original lime based mortar and are ready to relay. Colours are crisp and consistent and there is no sign of surface wear. A small number of tiles display edge nibbling, all groutable and adding to the antique patina expected of a tile of this age. A highly fired tile they will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems as they are excellent distributors of heat as well as being impervious to sub zero temperatures and so can be laid outside on a patio, in a summer house or conservatory. All four large border corners and eight small border corners are present and correct. Once laid the floor will not require sealing, a regular wash will be all that is required to retain its beauty.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 340 - 6.7m2

Large Borders - 85 plus 4 corners - 1.75m2 or 12.5 linear metres / 41 linear feet

Small Borders - 170 plus 8 corners - 1.7m2 or 24 linear metres / 78.7 linear feet 

Note:- We have had a 'bad photography day' shoot for this floor as photographs have been taken showing shadows on them. Some photographs below show the floor pre-lifting, while in others (taken outside of a clean section) have omitted to show the small border series laid in duplicate.

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Floor Size:

10m² - 20m²

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