10m2 of antique French terracottas - beautiful patina

Displaying a beautiful aged patina, 10m2/ 107 sq ft of handmade French terracotta tiles, 15cm square.

The tiles arrive ready to relay, having been cleaned of their old mortar and their faces steam washed. Consequently they are now in a matt state and will require sealing or oiling once laid to both protect them and enhance their character further. Sealants can be matt, satin or gloss depending on the finish desired and oiling with linseed oil and turpentine (the traditional French way) adds not only a protection but feeds the tile while giving them a soft lustre.

Suitable only for internal use the tiles have variable thicknesses and dimensions and these had been laid as 'T' joints (we show an example of a clients bathroom doing this). Optionally they could be line laid but there would be large and variable joint widths in order to accommodate this unless you tiler cut slightly larger tiles. As is always best practice, a tiler should dry lay a random selection of tiles to familiarise himself with them before laying. 


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