11.5 m2 floral themed art nouveau floor

One of four floors, bearing all the DNA of art nouveau design, recovered from the same house in Namur, Belgium we present this now fully restored and ready to relay ceramic floor totalling 11.5 m2 / 124 sq. ft.

Handmade by S.A Compagnie de Produits Ceramiques Saint Remy Chimay, in the Hainaut region of Belgium, the company was established in 1892. 

The floor consists of a principal 15cm sq. tile of a stunningly detailed floral-wreath theme across its motif tessellation. The pastel palette is cool on its off-white slip and the same size large borders take from the same design and palette but with the motif now at an individual tile level rather than opening up across four tiles as it does with the principal tile. These borders are top and tailed by again a floral themed tile, this time a half size 15 cm x 7.5 cm border, which introduces mid grey and green to the palette. There are 3 large border corners present and 7 for the half size border but the two missing corners can easily be mitre cut by a tiler.

Old mortar to the reverse and sides removed and years of old wax and dirt from the faces cleaned the floor arrives ready to relay. The high resolution photographs of a random section of around 1.25m2 show a tile of exquisite detail, with colours consistent, on a 15mm thick quality ceramic. A small number of tiles display edge nibbles and small groutable chips but the patina is charming as the high resolution photographs in the gallery show.

Being a highly fired tile the floor can be laid outside or inside of the home, where it will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems. We are happy, without obligation or cost, to evaluate the potential fit of the floor in your chosen area from dimensions you provide.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD  - 380 tiles - 8.5m2 / 92 sq. ft

LARGE BORDER  -  65 tiles plus 3 corners - 1.5m2 / 16.5 sq. ft.

SMALL BORDER  -  130 tiles plus 7 corners - 1.5m2 / 16.5 sq. ft

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