16.75m2 French ceramic floor featuring six different tiles c.1900-1930

An ornate French ceramic encaustic floor reclaimed from a house renovation in Poix-du-Nord, a small town of some 2,000 inhabitants in the Nord department of northern France and totalling 16.75m2/180 sq feet. The tiles are reverse marked CL FRANCE, having been produced by Mosaique Ceramiques Maubeuge, Usine de Landrecies. A couple of scans in the photo gallery from their period catalogue shows the tiles.

The floor comprises of six different tiles; a half size 14cm long border, an internal partridge themed frame tile with its liaising junction tiles and two internal field tiles in a primrose blue and a dark red, both of which have a medieval influence in design. 15mm thick, all of the main tiles are 14.5cm sq with the exception of the blue field tile which is 14.3cm sq.

This is a complex floor, ornate and rich in design and lending itself to being laid in several ways one of which we have shown in the photographs below. But the internal frame tiles can also sit back to back as a double border and the ratio of 70/30 blue tiles to red can also accommodate other lay configurations. Given its possibilities we would be happy to look at an appropriate lay and best fit for your chosen area, without obligation.

The floor has cleaned well, the slip is good and following the lifting of years of old wax which had dulled the tiles, the colours are crisp and vibrant. Some tiles display groutable chips and edge nibbles expected of a floor of this age but the photographs below of a random section of around 1.5m2 is representative of the floor as a whole. Being a highly fired tired it can be laid inside or outside of the home as well as functioning superbly with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Blue field tile - 144 - 2.9m2 / 31.2 sq. feet

Red field tile - 64 - 1.37m2 / 14.75 sq. feet

Internal frame field tile - 320 - 6.8m2 / 73 sq. feet

Internal frame corner tile - 169 - 3.6m2 / 38.75 sq. feet

Small borders - 205 plus 8 corners - 2.2m2 or 28.7 linear metres / 94 linear feet

Plus free reject tiles to use as offcuts

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Floor Size:

10m² - 20m²

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