1930’s French ceramic floor with ornate double border

A 9.8 m2 / 105 sq ft antique ceramic floor reclaimed from a town house close to Namur in southern Belgium. While reclaimed in Belgium the floor is French, being reversed marked MCM France (Manufacturers de Ceramiques, Maubeuge) and dates from the 1930’s. It consists of two principal field tiles, the first a plain mottled light grey and the second a rosace in tones of light and dark grey, charcoal, blue and off-white piping. The same size border tile, which is laid in duplicate back to back and which takes from the same colour palette, is more ornate and indulgent in design, providing a complimentary framing to what is a classical damier floor.

The tiles are an unusual size being 12.5cm square and 13mm thick.

In very good condition, the floor has cleaned well from its decades of wax, to reveal good ceramic and consistent colours on the tiles.  It arrives ready to relay and will not require sealing or waxing for protection against staining as a simple regular wash is all that is needed. Being ceramic and only 13mm thick the tiles lend themselves well to being used with under-floor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Grey mottled tiles – 260

Motif tiles – 230

Border tiles – 127 plus 4 internal and 4 external corners*

Single lay borders – 15.5 linear metres / 51 linear feet

* Double lay borders – 7.75 linear metres / 25.4 linear feet

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Floor Size:

5m² - 10m²

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