Client Installations

An antique ceramic floor in the kitchen of a Paris apartment

This antique ceramic floor, dated between 1920-1930, has been restored by The Antique Floor Company and relaid in the kitchen of an apartment in the 6eme arrondissement of Paris.

Comprising of 15cm square field and same size border tiles, laid in duplicate back-to-back, it was manufactured by Boucquey et Winckelmans, established in 1867. Winckelmans are one of the few turn of the century heritage manufacturers who are still producing excellent ceramics today, exporting over 80% of their production. A photograph from the early labour intensive days of handmade tile production in their factory can be seen below!

In addition to being highly practical in a kitchen area, the floor makes a strong and unique visual statement complimented by the pure lines of modern kitchen furniture and its rendezvous with hardwood parquet.