13m2 of antique floors tiles - classical geometry in cool tones c.1900

13m2+ of antique french carreaux de ciments floor tiles reclaimed from a village house in Orchies, northern France, a village between the cities of Lille and Valenciennes. The floor is one of two recovered from adjacent rooms and date from the early part of the 20th century. The tiles are 20cm square, over 2cms thick and weigh close to 2 kilos each and the design of the main field tile is strongly geometric in an alternating grey or charcoal X framed by a more rounded border tile evoking art nouveau styling.

There is a secondary and more subtle option of laying the floor, which has been included in the photographs below.

The tiles have cleaned well, revealing a beautifully rich aged patina but not at the expense of the tiles robustness. Some display groutable chips and edge nibbles, as shown in the high resolution photographs below but any tiles with larger chips have been rejected and are supplied free for offcuts or spares. Having been professionally cleaned the tiles are now in there original matt state, having had old dirt, wax and sealants removed and will require re-sealing to protect them against staining. This is a clear paint on product applied in two coats once the floor is relaid and the joints are dry and one which we supply with the floor purchase. Optionally, the floor can be machine wax polished to add lustre and protection and the waxing would give the tiles an appealing satin sheen.

This is a classical and strongly geometrical floor in a cool palette, pure in its design. Being a cured rather than a fired tile it can only be laid inside the home as there is the risk of the tiles becoming damaged over time by freezing and thawing in winter if laid externally.

Tile quantities, give to take one or two*:-

FIELD - 280 tiles - 11.2m2 / 121 sq ft.

BORDERS - 45 tiles (corner pieces need mitre cutting) - 9 linear metres / 29.5 linear ft - 1.8m2 / 19.4 sq ft.

* plus c.15 tiles for offcuts or laying in the floor at your discretion

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Floor Size:

10m² - 20m²

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