14.5m2 / 155 sq. ft antique ceramic octagon floor with triple borders

A large and beautiful antique ceramic floor in a subtle palette of sky blue, mid grey, putty and burnt red on an off-white tile base. The floor consists of seven separate tiles; the main 14.3cm wide, 11mm thick field tile is an octagon, linked by two separate small cabochon inserts, both 4cm square. The half size borders, which are laid in duplicate, mirror the lattice design of the field tile and frame a warm full size 14cm border which introduces burgundy and biscuit to the palette in its linked rosace design. The floor has been reclaimed from the kitchen of a town house on the French-Belgian border dated c.1905.

The ceramic of the tile is excellent and the floor, now professionally cleaned and arriving ready to relay, reveals a rich, time aged patina. Some tiles display edge nibbles and occasional small groutable chips, as the high resolution photos of a representative section of the floor shows. Owing to the small batch methods of production in the early part of the twentieth century there is some variation in tile colour, most notably with the large borders but this only adds to the charm and uniqueness of the floor.  Once re-laid the floor only requires a regular wash to retain its beauty and lustre. It can be laid with under floor heating systems as well as both within the home or outside on a patio, veranda, summer house…

There are two large border corners available, so two will need to be mitre cut and the full contingent of eight small border corners are available.*

* We have made a small error with the photography by not including a second border corner in the laying out of the floor – all eight are available.

Tile quantities, give or take one of two:-

Octagon field tiles – 575 – 11.25m2 / 121 sq. ft.

Large Border tiles – 90 plus 2 corners – 1.76m2 / 19 sq. ft. or 12.9 linear metres / 42.3 linear ft.

Small Border tiles – 160 plus 8 corners – 1.57m2 / 16.9 sq. ft. or 23 linear metres / 75.4 linear ft.

Cabochons (Tile inserts) - 500

Plus c.30 reject octagons supplied free for halves and cuts.

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Floor Size:

10m² - 20m²

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