Antique handmade Perrusson floor - 7.5m2 - 1900

We present a small but rare 7.5m2 / 81 sq ft handmade ceramic encaustic Perrusson floor manufactured in 1900 in Burgundy, France and consisting of a principal 17.3cm square field tile and same size border. The floor has been reclaimed from a house in renovation in the city of Louhans, close to Dijon. A second Perrusson floor has also be relcaimed from the same property, the link for which is below.

17mm thick and weighing 1.5 kgs each these are pedigree ceramics. The same size borders present a framed mythical beast with the head of a lion and winged torso but the lower body of a finned sea creature. The principal field tiles offers up a classical tessellation across four tiles, strongly navigational but also detailed and ornate. The floor has cleaned well revealing a rich antique patina; there are groutable edge nibbles and small chips on the tiles but no evidence of surface wear and colours remain crisp, vibrant and the floor displays all the charm and character associated with individually handmade tiles.

This is a unique floor which demands to be the hero in any room, whether it occupy the whole area or, as we visualise it, as a carpet style feature surrounded by a complimentary modern ceramic or antique parquet. Being highly fired it can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

A couple of scans from the original Perrusson ceramiques catalogue of 1900 are included below.

Tile quantities:-

Principal field tiles* - 200 - 6m2

Large borders* - 56 - 1.7m2 or 9.7 linear metres / 31.8 linear feet

* Plus c.1m2 of free field tile rejects and 14 border tile rejects that can be used for cuts or halves

To see the second Perrusson floor reclaimed from the same property click here

Ceramiques Perrusson, Ecluses - a brief history;

Jean-Marie Perrusson was not only known for ceramic tile production but also for the production of bricks and roof tiles. Many of the lozenge themed terracotta mechanical tiles in Burgundy bear the Perrusson hallmark. He built his first brick making factory in 1860 and started mechanical tile production in 1863, to which he added a workshop for manufacturing ceramic tiles in 1875. Further expansion of the ceramic tile production in the Saône-et-Loire was initiated (in Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune in 1866, St. Pantaleon 1870), and even beyond the department (in Sancoins Cher in 1870 and Fontafié in Charente in 1878).

The company was renamed ‘Perrusson Fils et Desfontaines’ in 1890 and the factory also manufactured architectural ceramics and statues. In April 1960 the factory finally closed its doors. The vast majority of the original buildings constructed in 1890/1900 are destroyed with the offices, changing rooms of the factory, the concierge and the electrical workshop the only significant remnants of the site that can still be seen. The Perrusson factory employed 40 workers in 1860, 80 by 1874, 130 in 1890, 300 at its peak in 1900, 280 in 1930 and 130 during 1945 to 1950.

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