RARE - a small Sinzig ceramic border run 1896

A small border run / ceramic panel of impeccable quality with applications as a splashback, kitchen counter run, in a shower, as a centralised statement piece, in a chimney hearth...

A rare find, reclaimed from a renovation in the cathedral city of Bourges, France, we have slowly restored these beautiful and unique ceramic encaustic tiles manufactured in the German city of Sinzig in 1896. The manufacturing of tiles and wall panels in Sinzig dates back to 1870 and in addition to the panel factory founded in Mettlach by Villeroy & Boch in 1869, Ferdinand Frings & Co. ‘Mosaic panels and Thonwaare factory was created in Sinzig. While production has long since ceased there remains a popular, dedicated tile museum in Sinzig.

The tiles are 17cm square, close to 20mm thick, weigh 1.4kgs each and have a moulded relief surface. Each are reverse stamped with the Sinzig scroll and included in the photo gallery are scans from the original Sinzig catalogue that date the tiles to 1896. 

There are 15 tiles available and they can be laid as a singular run or back to back. We have shown both in the photo gallery. To make it easier, we have loaded the tiles into our TILE SIMULATOR so you can model the layout yourself*.

*within the size area in the Simulator they are called 'SINZIG'

The tiles arrive ready to relay.

A larger Sinzig floor was reclaimed from the same renovation details of which can be found here



Floor Size:

To 5m²

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