A unique period mosaic themed ceramic with double borders

A large antique Belgian ceramic encaustic floor, dating from the decade of 1920-1930, reclaimed from its original home and now fully restored tile by tile in our workshop, it arrives ready to relay. Of a faux mosaic design, popular in European ceramic styling in the 1920-1930’s, the floor surface is c.15m2 with individual tile counts below. :-

Field tiles:
527 - 11.1m2 / 119 sq ft

Exterior border tiles:
89 plus 4 corners - 1.96m2 / 21 sq ft

Interior border tiles:
44 plus 44 plus 4 corners - 1.93m2 / 20.8 sq ft

The principal tile, 14.5cm sq, opening up in a four tile stylised floral motif, is framed by two same size borders; the first a geometric tile in bordeaux, white, sage green and charcoal, this is a tile framing the whole floor. The second, an internal border tile, the design of which is both fluid and lush and which also takes from the main field tile palette. This internal border in itself consists of two separate tiles, a left and right side version (see photos), which allows for the linking of the border to the main floor. This is quite simply a stunning and unique floor of rich detail.

The floor has cleaned well and the 15mm thick ceramic is excellent revealing a rich patina; a small number of tiles bear edge nibbles or groutable chips, as a random section of the floor below details.

Being ceramic and highly fired it can be laid inside or outside of the home and being an excellent distributor of heat will work well with underfloor heating systems. A dense ceramic and slip these tiles will not require sealing once laid and a regular wash will be all that is required to maintain their beauty.

Should you need any assistance with evaluating if the floor fits, or its best layout for your room, we are happy to help without any obligation on your behalf.

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Floor Size:

10m² - 20m²

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