Client Installations

See a selection of our antique floors in their new locations, sent to us by our customers around the world.

This restored late 19th century carreaux de ciment floor in burnt red, cream and charcoal gives this country kitchen added warmth...

Clever use of a plain tile to frame an ornate and warm French ceramic encaustic art nouveau tile floor had resulted in the creation of a large centralised, carpet style feature in this Brooklyn, New York kitchen.

A predominantly mustard and blue Maufroid Freres et Soeur unglazed ceramic encaustic tiled floor c.1895 -1900 with a lush double border layout that was completely restored by the Antique Floor Company.

Classical elegance can be found at Ziegler’s Garden Centre in Surrey where an antique turn of the century French monotone carreaux de ciments floor with Isis eye borders has been beautifully laid and complimented with period furniture.

A beautiful bathroom installation of an early art nouveau ceramic encaustic floor dated 1895.

Four fully restored and cleaned antique ceramic encaustic floors, dating from the late 19th century through to the early 20th century, have been beautifully relaid in this luxury new build in the leafy Chicago suburbs.

This large antique Belgian ceramic-encaustic floor with its rich shell themed large border tile and domino small borders has been impressively relaid in this large entrance hall in Cheshire, England.

The cool mint, off-white and burgundy palette of this Belgian ceramic encaustic floor, over 100 years old, with its classical geometry and lush art nouveau borders harmonises so well in this elegant New England home.

A great execution begins with a clear vision of what you want.

Three antique French floors have been supplied for this Burgundy, France farmhouse renovation.

This central Dublin period home has been totally renovated with impeccable taste.

These turn of the century Paray Le Monial ceramic encaustic tiles, framed by same size Boch Freres borders, bring warmth and a stong sense of navigation to this London entrance hall.

An ornate Belgian ceramic encaustic floor, manufactured by Ste. Ghislaine in the early part of the twentieth century, has been laid to great effect in the hallway of this house in Unhost, Czech Republic.

An antique French carreaux de ciment floor of 20cm square tiles has been relaid to great effect in this Luxembourg home.

Period antique Belgian ceramic tiles, complete with their original double borders, dating from the early 20th century have been relaid on this large renovated Belgian Peniche now moored on the Thames in central London.

An antique art nouveau floor, restored to its original beauty by The Antique Floor Company, has been relaid in the sunroom of this northern California home and in keeping with the theme the room has been furnished in the period colonial style.

Two antique ceramic floor tiles were chosen for this central London bathroom, an antique star themed Perrusson tile with its leaf themed borders and an antique art deco floor tile, which has been laid to stunning effect as a splashback for the antique ceramic sink.

A perfect fit has been achieved for this antique ceramic mosaic themed floor in this Fairfax, Virginia kitchen.

This antique Ste. Ghislaine ceramic floor, dating from the early part of the 20th century, while complex and ornate in design creates the impression of always having been there in this Irish country cottage kitchen.

This star and band themed handmade Octave Colozier floor, while 100 years old, screams modernity and provides a superb visual navigation down this London entrance hallway.